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Good Morning

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. I don't really know why, I just felt happy this morning. I started the day by walking into the kitchen and I fixed some sandwiches to eat. That gave me the required boost to start the day. After that I went to my computer and played some random games for a while. Then after that I went to play som other games for a while. and then after I was done with the gaming I went back into my room and took a 15 minutes nap. And then when ...

Lightning speed for data

For a couple of years ago we only had 3g and honestly it took a long time until that was perfect. Then along with time also came 4g, that promissed us more speed and lots and lots of more data. Now, the problem is that we need to have the right technology to be able to use 4g to its full capacity. So, what do I need then to be able to use 4g more fully? Start simply by getting a 4g antenna. With one of these bad boys you can get a pretty strong signal. Online you can ...


We watched a tv show where famous dutch singers went on a boat together with people who suffer from rheumatic diseases and did all kind of perfomances. It was a very nice tv show and the songs they performed were the ones I used to listen to when I was a kid. For the singers it was a nice trip as well, I think because the boat did a cruise on the river nile. While watching the artists you saw the sceneries they passed in the background, simply beautiful. I really would like to do such a thing one day ...


My husband has colleagues from many different nationalities. He works for an international organisation and they are supposed to have people working there from every european member state. And in practice there are even a lot more nationalities working there. Still a big number of them comes from uk and has working experience from uk. His freshest colleague used to work for adactus and then switched and moved to sweden. He said he wanted to leave uk because of the many rain and of course since he has a swedish girlfriend stockholm was an obvious choice.